I came to a decision back in 2014 to dedicate the rest of my music career to doing creative and expressive music (some call it “art music”). I distinguish this from doing “commercial music” in the sense that “commercial music” is doing music primarily for “commerce” – playing private parties and events requiring the musicians to cover tunes made popular by well-known acts for the sake of entertaining a captive audience at a party of some sort. While I (as well as the rest of musicians on call with the Variable D Postulate) still enjoy doing this, the mission of my work here is to create and share completely new and fresh sounding music all our own and sharing it with the rest of the world. In short, it is my personal effort to contribute to making the world just a little more beautiful place.

My original plan was to establish a 19 piece big band. However, my son pointed out that there are MANY such bands in the Chicago area alone and the numbers explode when you expand to include the rest of the world. Also, as a trumpet soloist, the opportunities are far more limited in the demands of the ensemble style playing required in a big band. He convinced me to go with a quartet as the base of operations. After listening to many different small groups I hit on our unusual base instrumentation of drums, guitar keyboards and trumpets (with some electronic enhancement, occasionally).

So, the Variable D Postulate Ensemble is primarily a quartet, though, on certain occasions, we can go all the way up to the 19 piece big band with a very unique book!

So the numbers constitute one Variation.

The next variation comes in the personnel. Yes, there is a base group, but the vagaries of the business will necessitate the appearance of subs on some gigs. We have a very deep talent pool in the greater Chicago area. It will be a rare gig that we have to turn down because of the unavailability of musicians.

The last significant variation comes in the age span of the musicians. I am as eager to accept the out of box thinking of the newer less seasoned professionals as I am to accept the well-honed ideas of highly experienced and seasoned musicians. The mix always yields amazing results and we are thrilled at the chance to share these results with the rest of the world.


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