Collected Works One on CD Baby!

Here is the link to my first CD Baby project. This is a collection of 17 of my earlier composition going all the way back to my days on You can by individual digital downloads, download the whole CD, purchase a hard copy of the CD, OR (get this) but VINYL!!

“Nick Drozdoff Collected Works One”

Clinics and Concerts

This page has been changed. Please help me spread the word about this.

I do clinics and concerts as a trumpet soloist, jazz combo leader, big band leader or brass quarter/quintet leader. Read on below for the various clinics, master classes and solo repertoire I can make available to you.

As to fees, they are ALWAYS open to negotiation regarding mutual availability, room, board and transportation costs, etc.

Attendees will get the clinic/master class, a copy of the Powerpoint file (soon to be Keynote files, beginning in Late March), a free digital copy of my book “How To Practice”, two CD’s (“No Man Is An Island” and “Junk Yard Brass”).

NOTE: After many years at a stable rate, it has been necessary for me to review and raise my rates for trumpet lessons. As per the statement following it is now $100/hour.

In addition to this, I can arrange for private lessons either before or after the clinic/master class. My lesson rate is $100/hour and I will do them in 1/2 hour increments with a 1/2 hour minimum.

Finally, if you happen to have a band in your neck of the woods and need a trumpeter for the evening, I will gladly play for the same pay as anyone else in the band that evening, depending on availability.

Please consider calling me at 847-476-1210 or emailing me at

NEW! Performing as Guest Soloist with Community Jazz Bands, Orchestras, Concert Bands, Brass Bands and Drum & Bugle Corps!

I am also now performing with community organizations as guest soloist. These performances don’t include any clinic or lecture component. Rehearsals, if needed, are usually done right before the performance or as a sound check.

These organizations are usually non-profit and often don’t charge for their performances. While the general rates serve as a model, these rates can be negotiated more flexibly if your concert falls into this category. Finally, if the performance is with 50 miles of the loop area of Chicago, the rates be be further reduced as transportation costs are minimal.

Contact me to go over the details of your concert to see if you qualify under this category.

Performance Repertoire – Jazz – Big Band:

  • Horn of Puente – Goodwin
  • Children of Sanchez – Mangione/Lill
  • As A Gnome Ran – Drozdoff/Stewart
  • Bye Bye Blackbird – arr. Stewart
  • Nice ‘N Juicy – Steinberg (Ferguson Chart)
  • Stardust – arr. Stewart
  • Out of The Abyss – Corpolongo
  • If The Shew Fits – Mantooth
  • Home On The Upper Range – Shutack
  • Blues for Nick – Stewart
  • Spring Is Here – arr. Mantooth
  • Maria – original Ferguson arrangement
  • Country Road – original Ferguson arrangement
  • Frame for the Blues – original Ferguson arrangement
  • Chameleon- original Ferguson arrangement
  • Take the A Train – original Ferguson arrangement
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water – original Ferguson arrangement
  • Fire and Rain – original Ferguson arrangement
  • Hey Jude – original Ferguson arrangement
  • Latino Lovewalk – original Ferguson arrangement
  • Pocahantas – original Ferguson arrangement
  • Willow Weep For Me – Kenton chart
  • Ciribiribin – Harry James solo
  • Sing, Sing, Sing – Both Parts my Nick’s adaptation of James’ original solo
  • Apple Honey – Woody Herman
  • What Is This Thing Called Love – Newsom Arr. for Doc
  • Begin The Beguine – Holman Arr. for Doc
  • St. Louis Blues – Holman Arr. for Doc

Note: the repertoire list may change now and then. Check back! Also, if your band or orchestra has a solo trumpet piece/chart that you’d like to have played, please ask about it. This part of the program is quite flexible.

Clinical Topics:

  • Drozdoff’s Methods for Embouchure Development and the Upper Register
  • Understanding Brasswind Acoustics for Better Playing and Instruction
  • Life In The Trenches: How To Be A Professional Acoustic Musician in the 21st Century
  • Crossing Over: Playing both Classical and Jazz music
  • Jazz Improvisation as Spontaneous Composition
  • Overcoming Fear in Performance
  • How to be PROFESSIONAL Even If You Have To Have A Day Gig!

These clinical topics can be mixed and matched in any way to suit your specific needs.

Please consult with Drozdoff to work out the timing and details of your performance/lecture needs.

Musical Services:

Drozdoff is available as a sideman for both live performances and recording. Travel is not a problem, depending on mutual availability, distance, timing and funding. Recording can be done either onsite or remotely.

Remote Recording
Drozdoff owns his own LogicPro/MAC based recording studio with drums in a booth and both acoustic and electronic piano/keyboards. If you wat to add Drozdoff’s trumpet work to your own recordings, but it isn’t practical to bring him to your studio, the recording process can be done remotely via several file sharing mechanisms. Consult with Drozdoff to work out the details and fees, as these will all be different depending on the project.

LP, Cassette and Reel to Reel Digital Conversion
A new feature of the studio is digital conversion of older media. Our studio can convert standard LP’s, 33′s, 78′s, 45′s, and large transcription disks from analog to digital -wav files, mp3′s etc. We can also convert cassette tapes. In addition to this we have two reel to reel machines. We can convert half inch two track (30 ips or 15 ips) or standard quarter inch quarter track stereo in digital. LP’s are converted at $45 per LP. Tapes vary in length, so we need to work it out individually, but the rate is roughly $45 per 45 minutes of playback time.

Wedge Trumpet Mpouthpieces
I am a Wedge Moutpiece endorsing artist and I have my own line of mouthpieces. Feel free to consult me on this. I bring them all on clinics and will gladly take some time to show you these fine mouthpieces. Here is the link to the site.

Wedge Trumpet Mouthpieces

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