Collected Works One on CD Baby!

Here is the link to my first CD Baby project. This is a collection of 17 of my earlier composition going all the way back to my days on You can by individual digital downloads, download the whole CD, purchase a hard copy of the CD, OR (get this) but VINYL!!

“Nick Drozdoff Collected Works One”

From Mendez to Maynard

Online Recital – From Mendez to Maynard

This is essentially a series of clips that could constitute a free recital offered to the world. I want to share music with folks who would listen. The internet truly gives us all the opportunity to reach out to world audience.

Thanks for listening to any of this.


I Am Now A Getzen Endorsing Artist!

All of my newer videos will be using my new Getzen trumpets. However, I am not taking down my old videos. I still want to share the music and performances.

Punk’s Funk:

La Grace by Teleman

Getzen 490 Demo – Jazz Variations on an Old Hymn Song

This is a demo of an intermediate student model trumpet made by Getzen – the 490. It is a fabulous horn and very favorably priced for student musicians! This is a serene little tune. No high notes on this one.

“Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”

with my friends, Bill Byan on Drums, Debbie Katz on all saxes, Katie Ernst on upright bass and my son Colin on Keyboards. As usual, I overdub all of the brass parts. What appears of me in the video is my dubbing the solo trumpet part.

Introductory Media from my iBook, “How To Practice,” which is complete with text and almost 2 hours of instructional video.

“Motet and Royal Fanfare” by Des Pres

I play all Wedge mouthpieces and Getzen horns on this little overdub project.

“Three Pieces for Brass Quartet and Quintet”

Again, using all Wedge mouthpieces and Getzen horns I overdubbed three pieces for small brass ensemble.

Getzen Custom C Trumpet Demo

I recently went cold turkey over to a Getzen C trumpet – Custom LB model. This is one fine trumpet! Priced well and built with some of the best quality control around and built right here in the midwest – NO outsourcing!

Getzen 490 Bb – First Demo

This is my first demo with the Getzen 490 Intermediate trumpet. This is an incredible instrument for the money. it plays great and the quality, fit and finish is excellent!

Reich Fanfare:

Carnival of Venice


Arban Characteristic Study #1:

Arban Characteristic Study #2:

Arban Characteristic Study #3:

Blues Waltz:

Arban Characteristic Study #4:

Arban Characteristic Study #5:

Waltz for Natalia:

Arban Characteristic Study #6:

Arban Characteristic Study #7:

Meditation #1

Arban Characteristic Study #8:

Changing Skies (Brothers Drozdoff):

Arban Characteristic Study #9:

Foolproof (Brothers Drozdoff):

Arban Characteristic Study #10:

Falling For You (Brothers Drozdoff):

Arban Characteristic Study #11:

Duet from Lakme:

Strictly Mellow

There are no high notes here. Just a mellow treatment of the the old standard, “How High The Moon.”

Summertime – High and Low

This is the old standard, “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess. I did this ala the Maynard Version as he did it on the recording with Clifford Brown, Clark Terry, Max Roach and Dinah Washington.

Amazing Grace – solo

This is a rubato/improvised interpretation of Amazing Grace. Peace.

At The River

This is a collection of images and video clips set to music – the old American hymn-song, “At The River.” I a Wedge 3CC mouthpiece on the melody, a Shilke P54A piccolo with a cup mute for the intro and closing tones and a Getzen bass trumpet for the second part on the second verse.

Farewell My Granada – Mendez Arrangement

This is one of the most deceptively challenging pieces Mendez ever did (IMHO). I still have a lot of work to do on the dynamics and breath control, but I still love RM’s rendition on the Trumpet Magic Decca album and hold it as one of my goals in life – to be able to approach playing at that level.

Here is my practice session on it. I hope some folks can enjoy my take on it.

Bye Bye Blackbird – Big Band Trumpet Solo

This is Dr. Mike Stewart’s arrangement for me of this tune. I play all the brass parts. Steve Eisen plays the bass parts. Bob Becker played guitar and bass and Bill Byan played drums. There is a lot of overdubbing here. The video is of my laying down the final solo track. This will be released on a CD. I use both a Wedge 7FC on a Warburton 10* mouthpiece and an Asymmetric lead model 342 M mouthpiece.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

This starts off mellow and then devolves into some more egregious high notes, just for fun! My dog wanders into the picture at the end!

Funky One

This is a one minute long improvised piece. On this, rhythm tracks were assembled from the royalty free tracks available through Sony/Sonic Foundry – ACID software. You can see the CakeWalk window on the PC. Also the room audio was faded out and then back in.


This is a very mellow piece for Felix Vayser’s cornet. I played absolutely no hight notes on this. I’ve got plenty of clips with egregious high notes (Singing Exercises up to F over DHC, Funky One, Basement Blowage, Hi Gear Low Gear 1 & 2, to name a few). I was in the mood for a completely peaceful and pensive piece for tonights sharing. I do hope you enjoy this bit of contrast for me. –>>Peace!

Door County Meditation

This is another short jazz/fusion piece. I created the synth/loop quasi ambient background track late last summer after coming back from Door County. I didn’t get around to improvising the cornet part till Dec. 28, 2007. I used a cornet with a Lead mouthpiece in it, striving for a more Nat Adderly sort of sound (as opposed to a brass band sound). This a kind of peaceful tune with a bit of a burn going on in the middle. I was going for a semi-free-jazz feel on it.

Basement Blowage

This gives a brief demonstration of the overdub process. First, rhythm tracks were assembled from the royalty free tracks available through Sony/Sonic Foundry – ACID software. Then horn parts were improvised together as background and solos. Shown in the video are the solo overdubs.

Wedge Multi-Horn Demo

This is a promotional demo for Harrison Wedge trumpet mouthpieces on various trumpets. I hope this serves as an an example of my crossover work from jazz to classical.

Bass Trumpet Demo

This is a short etude by Phil Snedcor played on my Getzen bass trumpet with a Yamaha 42B trombone mouthpiece.

Bass Trumpet Demo 2 – A Little Bit Funky

First I made some drum samples to create a funky groove to blow over. Then I just improvised a bunch of ideas that popped into my head. I ran it a few times and then did a couple of takes. This is the second one. I wanted to show the bass trumpet in a slightly different light. Again this is played on my Getzen bass trumpet with a Yamaha 42B trombone mouthpiece.

Cornet Demo – Legit and Jazz

Just horsing around with a couple of cornets.

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