New Master Class Info – “No Limitations” – Guaranteed Success

I am in the process of setting up a couple of clinic/masterclasses in the Midwest. I’m also looking to see what I can pull of for out west.

In my title to this posting, I edited in the words “Guaranteed Success.” Yes that is intended to be provocative. However, the good news, if you do the stuff covered in the class/clinic I can honestly guarantee success.

There is a catch. The catch is that this is going to take thousands of hours of hard work. There is no magic pill you can take or elfin pixie dust that can have sprinkled on you to make you into a good player. However, if you do this hard work, you simply can’t fail.

In prepping for all of this, I’ve been developing several ideas to discuss based on email exchanges, conversations and other types of communication with my trumpet peers.

The title of this years lectures will be “No Limitations: Set Your Goals High Without Fear.”

I firmly believe that each of us can accomplish anything we want to accomplish on the horn and in music. There are no limits other than perhaps those constrained by the instrument itself (we can’t do four note harmony of any color without electronic assistance, for example). There is solid educational theory to support this. Sub topics will include the following:

1.) Embouchure development
2.) How did I use physics and engineering to develop my playing.
3.) What can you do to organize your practice
4.) HOW TO DEAL WITH A DAY GIG/CAREER. This one is in all caps as it is newer, but incredibly important. Over the years I have interacted with many musicians who struggle with balancing their lives here.
5.) There are no limitations on our ability to achieve our goals other than the ones we put on ourselves or blindly accept even though we shouldn’t. Age is not a limitation. Gender is not a limitation. There is nothing you can’t accomplish. All it takes is hard work and FOCUSED PRACTICE along with patience and persistence.
6.) Cross-over playing. I am big on the need for versatility in a professional player. It is worth the effort to learn how to play the different styles of music reasonably authentically.

There is a lot here. All of my ad hoc lectures are fluid and often change directions on the spot based on the Q&A triggered i the course of the lecture.

The idea of NO LIMITATIONS is huge. So, this will be the thread that ties it all together.

As the two classes I’m developing in the Northern Illinois and Central Wisconsin areas solidify, I’ll post more.

Stay tuned!!

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New Master Class Info – “No Limitations” – Guaranteed Success

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