New Addition to my Master Class Lectures – The Importance of Music Education

I had and interesting conversation with my family on the way to church this morning. We were discussing how it would seem that fewer parents are making their kids take piano lessons while those kids are young.

This is a shame and a mistake! There is correlation evidence to suggest that studying music enhances other ways of thinking that can benefit children in other areas as they grow.

Some time ago, I was asked to help a fellow teacher help him save his music department as it was on the community chopping block. I created a list of folks who had achieved a lot with dual backgrounds. Adolph Herseth, the legendary principal trumpeter of the CSO studied math! Einstein played violin. Albert Schweitzer played organ. Enrico Fermi played piano. Charles Kavalovski, principal horn with the BSO had a PhD in physics. Alan Greenspan played sax and played in Woody Herman’s band. The great arranger, Fletcher Henderson, studied chemistry before abandoning it to do music (because he felt his prospects in chemistry were limited due to his race). And the list goes on…

So in addition to the other topics included in my master classes (see the previous post) I plan on including a discussion about the importance of music education for all kids. They will miss out if they think or are allowed to think that all music is just something that comes out of an iPod mix. They also miss out on a chance to broaden their thinking and skills in other areas. Here is a link that touches the tip of the iceberg.

For 25 years I lead a dual career lifestyle: full-time physics/AP physics teacher and full time trumpeter. I have witnessed this first hand from both sides of the issue. So I fell I can reasonably include a small component of this in my master class discussion. Kids can participate in sports AND music! I did, and so have many of my students.

More to follow!

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New Addition to my Master Class Lectures – The Importance of Music Education

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