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As the school year approaches I wanted to announce a slightly different direction for the clinical portion of my clinics and concerts.

Yes, I will perform with you band, as always. The lecture portion has a evolved a bit.

The trumpet/brass portion of the lectures will be focused on how to figure out to make your OWN chops work better as opposed to trying to change completely into doing things someone else way. The idea is that, if you can PLAY, you are probably very close and using some basic engineering mentality and understanding a bit of REAL physics can help you sort things out on your own.

This is the underpinning of my iBook, “How To Practice.”

The lectures around how to learn how to play jazz better will be revolving around an older school approach involving highly directed and focused practice. I will also discuss how to practice long hours without wearing your chops out.

New to my masterclasses/clinics will be the addition of concepts from the book, “Peak” by Bloom and Ericcson. As mentioned earlier, this will include the idea of focused/directed practice. This is an extremely positive way of thinking. The upshot is that there are no limitations to your goals. You can accomplish anything with hard work. Simply because someone else has achieved great things doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try because they have some “genetic gift” you don’t have. On the contrary, as shown by Bloom and Ericcson, the opposite is true. If others achieve great things, YOU CAN TO! Be inspired, never discouraged.

I have already done some lecture work along these lines, and it was well received. I would love to come to your institution and share these ideas with you.

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Clinics, Lectures, Musical Motivational Talks, Science meets Music

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