Thank You Your Support

Over the years, I have had MANY trumpeters and music aficionados express their gratitude for the things I share here on my website and online in general. More often than not, folks tell me they have been following my work online for some time. I am deeply grateful for even just ONE individual who found their experience uplifted by my work in music.

In doing the recordings and sharings, I spend MANY hours in my tiny basement studio working on all of this – writing, playing, rehearsing, recording, mixing. When I have professional sidemen down here, I ALWAYS PAY THEM. I NEVER ask musicians to work for me for free. I do have Google adsense turned on, and I make back a tiny bit of money that way. I also have a CD Baby account and can be found on iTunes. I sell an iBook about my practice methods which is chock full of video demonstrations. All of these things, thus far, bring in a smattering of income, but fall far short of recouping my expenses. I have come to accept the idea that, for what I do, that I will then to fly along the far fringes of the big time music world and that none of my stuff is likely to go viral. That’s OK. As said earlier, if even only one person enjoys this, I’ve done something good.

Now I have a request. I don’t do crowd funding. I don’t believe the stories and hype about those things. This is is just an honest request from one obscure artist to those who listen to his work. IF YOU HAVE BENEFITED in even the TINIEST way from listening to my music (spirits lifted in some way) or studying my practice ideas (made some progress in your trumpet work), PLEASE consider a free will donation to the cause.

When I do ad hoc clincs, I never charge a fee. I always do them as a free will offering event. Folks kick in what they can and if they can’t kick in anything, they are still welcome. My clinics always bring enough gratitude income to constitute a decent gig.

So, if you have enjoyed any of my work, please consider a donation. My email address for Paypal offerings is No offering is too small. Certainly, no offering is too big! ;-)

Peace, and thanks for your support.

Nick Drozdoff

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Thank You Your Support

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