Nick Drozdoff Is Now A Getzen Artist

Folks, as of now I am officially a Getzen artist. While I still have a great deal of affection for the New York Trumpet Company, I am now supporting the work of a fine multigenarational family corporation right here in the Midwest.

The NYTC horns are fine instruments and my switching to Getzen is to in no way imply that I think the NYTC horns are bad. They are excellent, and I’ll continue to say so to all who would ask. My videos in which I use the NYTC horns will stay up. It would be dishonest to imply that I didn’t play them. I did. However, I am moving onto Getzen now and for some important reasons.

1.) Getzen’s are COMPLETELY made in the USA – Elkhorn, Wisconsin.Nothing is outsourced out of the USA.

2.) Getzen’s quality control is remarkable for something as tricky to make as a brasswind instrument. Even in a factory setting, they are hand made.

3.) Getzen has one of the most respectable entry level lines I have ever seen. I endorse their model 490 Bb trumpet, an intermediate student model horn. It plays about as well as any pro horn out there for about 1/3 the price! I can see pros using them as backup horns or even primary horns during these economic hard times. I have used mine on rock bands big bands and in clinics and folks have just loved it.

4.) I picked up one of their Custom 3072 C trumpets with a round tuning slide. It is one of the best C’s I have ever played. You don’t have to buy a vintage Bach to have a good C! Check out a Getzen!

5.) Getzen is a one stop shopping company. You can get some of the best trumpets, cornets, piccolo trumpets, C trumpets, flugel horns and bass trumpets you’ll ever need. On top of that, their instruments are favorably priced.

6.) Gertzen valves are fantastic!

I’m grateful for those with whom I have worked previous. My admiration for them is solid.

Now, I’m particularly grateful to be part of the Getzen team. To see my info on their site go to:

Also here is my first Youtube video with my Getzen 490.

Here is my video for my first model 3072 C trumpet demo.

If you haven’t thought about Getzen in a while, you should!

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Nick Drozdoff Is Now A Getzen Artist

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