Drozdoff Signature Series Mouthpieces by Wedge

Well, they were at the Midwest Band and Orchestra clinic, but the series is now complete.

This is the Drozdoff Signature series of trumpet mouthpieces by Dave Harrison of the Wedge Mouthpiece Company in Van Couver, British Columbia. Here is a list of what is available.

Lead Model – cup is between a 14A4a Schilke and an Al Hirt Jet Tone. The rim is a custom designed Wedge rim. My preference model is in solid stainless steel with a lighter backbore. This is a great screaming mouthpiece.

Jazz Model – the cup contour is the same, but the depth is more than double. The shape of the rim is the same. This produces a wonderful warm sound and yet will light up if you meed it to. If you are not into shallow mouthpiece but want a nice sounding lead/jazz piece, this is an excellent compromise. Mine is in solid stainless steel with a weighted backbore.

Classical model – I use a weighted brass backbore on mine. The cup width is much wider than the jazz lead models and the depth is substantial. This is a fine mouthpiece for my C trumpet in that it produces a wonderful warm sound, but if I need to make it brilliant (think finale of the Bartok Concerto) it will do so as needed.

Cornet model – this is like a deep version of my jazz mouthpiece with a cornet shank on it.

Flugel model – this is a solid flugel mouthpiece but not quite as deep as my wedge 3CC XD. This is more for jazz flugel playing. I am also using it with a special shank on trumpet for that ultra dark jazz trumpet sound for intimate combo gigs.

All of the throats are 25′s. I use stainless on all of the upper parts. It is the most comfortable metal to play on – period.

If you would like to know more of my signature series or more about Wedge mouthpieces in general, please visit  http://www.wedgemouthpiece.com/ or contact Dave at drdave@wedgemouthpiece.com or call him at 877-679-3343. PLEASE drop my name. Dave is VERY helpful and knowledgeable about his product.

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Drozdoff Signature Series Mouthpieces by Wedge

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