The Public Debut of the Variable D Postulate Quartet!

Folks, on JUNE 2 at 7 PM the Variable D Postulate Quartet will make its public debut!

We’ll be performing at the Gallery Cabaret at 2020 North Oakley in Chicago.

We’ll be doing a healthy mix of originals and off the beaten path of standards in our own setting. Stylistically, you might characterize the band as swing funk – “swunk” if you will.

For those of you who know me as a high note lead player, I’ll be wearing a significantly different hat on these gigs. My aim is to share unique and meaningful music for trumpet in a small group environment.

As we get closer, I will post news items here to keep you updated on this gig.

Now, the Gallery Cabaret doesn’t charge covers to guests. Bands pass the hat. So I need as many folks to turn up as possible. They “payment” for the gig will be much like my ad hoc clinics and master classes: Pay what you can if you can. There will be CD’s available as a premium. Also, any trumpeters who show can have a copy of my book as a pdf dl with a dvd of the accompanying videos, if they wish.

so, SPREAD THE WORD! I need to pack the place and Monday’s are tough. The earlier hour should make it nicer for working folks.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing you all there!

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The Variable D Postulate Quartet

The variable D postulate quartet is getting ready to roll out very soon. I’m still writing, developing some technology aspects of my work with the brass and generally getting things in place.

I will announce the personnel when our first gig is ready to get promoted. I am still sorting out WHERE that will be! I have scoped out a place in Logan Square. I’ll be looking into a place in Highland Park very soon. There are a couple more places in the city.

The way I see it, as a local art music act I am going to have to consider the the audience might not so eager to travel; i.e. the audience is likely to be ever more localized. So more than one port seems a prudent plan, at this point.

I will keep posting here and on FB and Linkedin as things continue to develop.

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“How To Practice” Is Now Available As An iBook!

My book, “How To Practice” is now available in interactive form as an iBook at the iBook Store at Apple. In addition to the text, it includes over 40 minutes of embedded video, a couple of media files and four fully functional Keynote/Powerpoint Files. This version of the book is a bit like having a master class in the palm of your hand on your iPad.

Be sure to read the description and look at the sample file when you go to the iBook Store. If it looks like somehting you’d be interested in, be sure to start the DL to your iPad at night and it will be waiting for you in the AM. The file size is quite big – a little over 1.7 Gb.

I sincerely hope this version of the book will you you find your own better way to a richer trumpeting experience.


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This is just out. I am selling my Chicago Brassworks model GSC Bb trumpet in bright gold plate with a Walt Johnson single trumpet flight case. It is in excellent condition. The serial number is 004! Wayne personally attended to the construction of this honr for me personally. There are no vanity engravings on it – just the Chicago Brassworks name and model plus the serial number on the valve block.

I used this horn very carefully for a couple of years and then retired it as a collectors item when Wayne left Chicago to go to NYC and Yamaha.

The asking price is $4750 INCLUDING shipping in the continental US. Overseas shipping will coast a little bit more, depending on the rates.

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Live Online Webcam Lessons Are BACK!

I tried these for a while a couple of years back and found the results to be sketchy. However, with my new Macbook Pro I am finding that the technology has progressed to the point that I am willing to go back to this.

Initially I’ll use Skype. I already have an account there. I’ll also be investigating Facetime for the same function.

My lesson rates have changed recently. I now charge $80 per hour lesson, but I will go in half hour increments with a minimum of a half hour lesson.

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Ad Hoc Clinics-No Upfront Expenditure

This post is a reminder about my ad hoc clinics. These are still available to ANYONE and there is NO UPFRONT CHARGE to anyone. I take the risk. All I ask of anyone who would like me to come to their location to do one is that they talk it up with EVERYONE they can so that we can expect reasonably good attendance. That’s it!

Here is how it works. If we arrange to do one of these, I will arrive a day before if the location is remote and too far for me to drive. I’ll make all the arrangements for my accommodations and pay out of my pocket. You will need to help me find a location at which I can DO the clinic. It would be preferable if I didn’t have to pay a room rental, if possible. Possibilities would be school band rooms, a rec room at a church or a community center or a music store (as an aside, the music store will draw some more customers that day!). We’ll arrange the time and promote the heck out it on the internet.

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Nick Drozdoff Is Now A Getzen Artist

Folks, as of now I am officially a Getzen artist. While I still have a great deal of affection for the New York Trumpet Company, I am now supporting the work of a fine multigenarational family corporation right here in the Midwest.

The NYTC horns are fine instruments and my switching to Getzen is to in no way imply that I think the NYTC horns are bad. They are excellent, and I’ll continue to say so to all who would ask. My videos in which I use the NYTC horns will stay up. It would be dishonest to imply that I didn’t play them. I did. However, I am moving onto Getzen now and for some important reasons.

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Drozdoff Signature Series Mouthpieces by Wedge

Well, they were at the Midwest Band and Orchestra clinic, but the series is now complete.

This is the Drozdoff Signature series of trumpet mouthpieces by Dave Harrison of the Wedge Mouthpiece Company in Van Couver, British Columbia. Here is a list of what is available.

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What Some Folks Are Saying About Drozdoff Clinic/Concerts:

Here are comments from folks wh have recently had Drozdoff as a soloist/clinician:

From Patrick Schwan of Minot, North Dakota:

Yes, we had a great time at the “Magic City Jazz Festival”. Nick was outstanding working with our students. He was very patient and kind with them, yet shared many ideas for improvement. He is obviously very knowledgeable about jazz styles and the trumpet, but he is also exceptional at conveying that knowledge to others. What a treat for me to play in “the Swing Band of Minot” that backed up Nick on his feature tunes. He received a standing ovation for his rendition of “Birdland”, and again for ‘Bugle Call Rag”. If any of you are in a position to hire clinicians for your festival, you won’t go wrong hiring Nick. I highly recommend him! –>Pat Schwan

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“A Curious Yellow” Picked as the Best Jazz Piece of 2007 by WAMIA

Australian composer, Adrian Kelly, wrote “A Curious Yellow” for his CD, “Intercontinental Drift.” It is composed for string quartet and specifically Nick Drozdoff’s flugelhorn work.

Recently this piece won the Western Australian Music Industry Association Award as the best jazz piece of 2007. This is truly an intercontinental project. The original CD tracks were recorded in Perth and the trumpet parts were recorded in Saratoga, New York. However, Drozdoff recorded his part on Curious Yellow upon returning to Chicago.

You can hear the entire piece by going to the little media player at the top of the page and using the little pull down window to the right side of it to select “Curious Yellow.”

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