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Over the years, I have had MANY trumpeters and music aficionados express their gratitude for the things I share here on my website and online in general. More often than not, folks tell me they have been following my work online for some time. I am deeply grateful for even just ONE individual who found their experience uplifted by my work in music.

In doing the recordings and sharings, I spend MANY hours in my tiny basement studio working on all of this – writing, playing, rehearsing, recording, mixing. When I have professional sidemen down here, I ALWAYS PAY THEM. I NEVER ask musicians to work for me for free. I do have Google adsense turned on, and I make back a tiny bit of money that way. I also have a CD Baby account and can be found on iTunes. I sell an iBook about my practice methods which is chock full of video demonstrations. All of these things, thus far, bring in a smattering of income, but fall far short of recouping my expenses. I have come to accept the idea that, for what I do, that I will then to fly along the far fringes of the big time music world and that none of my stuff is likely to go viral. That’s OK. As said earlier, if even only one person enjoys this, I’ve done something good.

Now I have a request. I don’t do crowd funding. I don’t believe the stories and hype about those things. This is is just an honest request from one obscure artist to those who listen to his work. IF YOU HAVE BENEFITED in even the TINIEST way from listening to my music (spirits lifted in some way) or studying my practice ideas (made some progress in your trumpet work), PLEASE consider a free will donation to the cause.

When I do ad hoc clincs, I never charge a fee. I always do them as a free will offering event. Folks kick in what they can and if they can’t kick in anything, they are still welcome. My clinics always bring enough gratitude income to constitute a decent gig.

So, if you have enjoyed any of my work, please consider a donation. My email address for Paypal offerings is No offering is too small. Certainly, no offering is too big! ;-)

Peace, and thanks for your support.

Nick Drozdoff

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Dominant Disconnect Now On CD Baby

The latest track of Nick Drozdoff and the Variable D Postulate Ensemble is now LIVE and available for your listening enjoyment and purchase at CD Baby. It will go live on iTunes soon, too. Here is the CD Baby link:

Please enjoy and share this original music!!

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Nick Drozdoff’s Music Is Now on CD Baby!

Now you can get to my music via CD Baby, which also means iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. I am very excited about this. Here is the first announcement for the first project.

Collected Works One on CD Baby!

Here is the link to my first CD Baby project. This is a collection of 17 of my earlier composition going all the way back to my days on You can by individual digital downloads, download the whole CD, purchase a hard copy of the CD, OR (get this) but VINYL!!

“Nick Drozdoff Collected Works One”

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Nick Drozdoff and the Variable D Postulate Ensemble Clinics

Nick Drozdoff is available as a lecturer/clinician on many topics in music. He does clinics on brass techniques and jazz studies. In addition he does lectures on everything from brass-wind acoustics to the physics of music, music technology and even musical survival skills for the newer professional musicians. He is well know as a mentor for young musicians in the Chicago area.

In addition to Drozdoff working in a solo context, his band, A Variable D Postulate Ensemble, is also ready to travel to any institution to perform and conduct master classes. The quartet can deliver panel type discussions on jazz studies and musical survival skills with a multi-generational point of view.

In either a solo or ensemble context, Drozdoff has the literature available in his library to perform with any big band.

Be sure to explore the press kit and credential information here on this website for more information. Use the contact tab to open a dialog.

The group is ready and willing to travel anywhere in the country or the world.

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Facebook and SoundCloud Links to “Like” Nick Drozdoff and the Variable D Postulate Ensemble

Here is a the link to the Facebook page where you can follow the work of of my composing and performing with my new group(s), The Variable D Postulate Ensemble.

Nick Drozdoff and the Variable D Postulate Ensemble

Please like us and encourage all of your friends to do so as well. For the time being, this is where our performances and releases of any recordings or videos will be posted, in addition to news announcements here.

Here is the SoundCloud link, also.
Nick Drozdoff and the Variable D Ensemble on SoundCloud


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The Variable D Postulate Ensemble on Facebook and SoundCloud

Folks, the best way to follow the Variable D Postulate Ensemble, in addition to bookmarking THIS page, like us on FaceBook and Soundcloud.

Just look up “Nick Drozdoff and the Variable D Ensemble” Facebook page under Musicians/Bands and like us. You get our events and announcements as well as various and sundry posts of a more clinical nature. Also, find us on SoundCloud and like us. These is an hour’s worth of musical samples of the Variable D Ensemble and my work as a trumpet soloist.To find us on SopundCloud, you’ll need to search Nick Drozdoff.

Like us, please!

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“How To Practice” Is Now Available As An iBook!

My book, “How To Practice” is now available in interactive form as an iBook at the iBook Store at Apple. In addition to the text, it includes over 40 minutes of embedded video, a couple of media files and four fully functional Keynote/Powerpoint Files. This version of the book is a bit like having a master class in the palm of your hand on your iPad.

Be sure to read the description and look at the sample file when you go to the iBook Store. If it looks like somehting you’d be interested in, be sure to start the DL to your iPad at night and it will be waiting for you in the AM. The file size is quite big – a little over 1.7 Gb.

I sincerely hope this version of the book will you you find your own better way to a richer trumpeting experience.


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Nick Drozdoff Is Now A Getzen Artist

Folks, as of now I am officially a Getzen artist. While I still have a great deal of affection for the New York Trumpet Company, I am now supporting the work of a fine multigenarational family corporation right here in the Midwest.

The NYTC horns are fine instruments and my switching to Getzen is to in no way imply that I think the NYTC horns are bad. They are excellent, and I’ll continue to say so to all who would ask. My videos in which I use the NYTC horns will stay up. It would be dishonest to imply that I didn’t play them. I did. However, I am moving onto Getzen now and for some important reasons.

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Drozdoff Signature Series Mouthpieces by Wedge

Well, they were at the Midwest Band and Orchestra clinic, but the series is now complete.

This is the Drozdoff Signature series of trumpet mouthpieces by Dave Harrison of the Wedge Mouthpiece Company in Van Couver, British Columbia. Here is a list of what is available.

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What Some Folks Are Saying About Drozdoff Clinic/Concerts:

Here are comments from folks wh have recently had Drozdoff as a soloist/clinician:

From Patrick Schwan of Minot, North Dakota:

Yes, we had a great time at the “Magic City Jazz Festival”. Nick was outstanding working with our students. He was very patient and kind with them, yet shared many ideas for improvement. He is obviously very knowledgeable about jazz styles and the trumpet, but he is also exceptional at conveying that knowledge to others. What a treat for me to play in “the Swing Band of Minot” that backed up Nick on his feature tunes. He received a standing ovation for his rendition of “Birdland”, and again for ‘Bugle Call Rag”. If any of you are in a position to hire clinicians for your festival, you won’t go wrong hiring Nick. I highly recommend him! –>Pat Schwan

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“A Curious Yellow” Picked as the Best Jazz Piece of 2007 by WAMIA

Australian composer, Adrian Kelly, wrote “A Curious Yellow” for his CD, “Intercontinental Drift.” It is composed for string quartet and specifically Nick Drozdoff’s flugelhorn work.

Recently this piece won the Western Australian Music Industry Association Award as the best jazz piece of 2007. This is truly an intercontinental project. The original CD tracks were recorded in Perth and the trumpet parts were recorded in Saratoga, New York. However, Drozdoff recorded his part on Curious Yellow upon returning to Chicago.

You can hear the entire piece by going to the little media player at the top of the page and using the little pull down window to the right side of it to select “Curious Yellow.”

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